Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After 15 years, I hear many great questions that you should be asking too.  If you don;t see the answer to one of your questions, feel free to Contact Me and I will gladly assist.

Is the home market strong in Pinellas county?

Yes.  The area has a very productive economy based largely on tourism but is also expanding into more high tech jobs.  This along with the limited amount of space to develop in the area means the demand for homes is always high.  The prices have adjusted with the US housing market, but has overall stayed more stable than other areas.  I can provide  current market statistics and details for buyers interested.

Do you work with out of town buyers?

Yes, the needs of out-of-town buyers are unique.  They are often unable to be in the area to look for homes but for a few days.  My job is to make sure that pictures of homes are accurate and to preview the homes before they arrive.

What are the most desirable locations?

The beaches, of course! The beautiful waters and beaches attractive people from all around the world.  Second homes and vacation properties can provide a great escape and a valuable investment.  The waterfront areas from Tierre Verde and up to Tarpon Springs can provide 1000's of great options for the perfect area to provide you a new home.