About Me


My Story

I moved to Florida after growing up in Alabama and once meeting my husband, decided to start my professional career in real estate while my husband began a mortgage career.  After hundreds of realestate transactions in the area and over 40 million sold, I have come to know the beach and luxury home market first hand and focus my business accordingly.   I have become friends with so many of my clients and continue to get unsolicited business referrals from them.

Today, I focus on the buying and selling of beach and luxury property that draws so many to the gulf coast area.  I have a knack for quickly gauging the needs for relocation, 2nd home, and investors that want to own property in the area without the hassle of seeing hundreds of homes and condos on the market.  I am focused on smart, decisive, and no-nonsense transactions for out-of-state buyers or locals looking to invest in the beach property market.

My Approach

RELAX, knowing you are in the hands of a professional and educated REALTOR.  I have a true passion and vision for Real Estate and I give each client much deserved attention to build a strong solid relationship based on trust and getting results.

Sellers take full advantage of my marketing and staging skills while buyers RELAX as I guide them through the home buying experience.
Right now more than ever it matters who you work with so contact me today for a free consultation.

The houses and condos you want to see on the market may vary a lot, but after you see a few of your first picks, let me show what I think you may like.  Showing you just the right number of properties in the key.  If you don't find what you want now, then maybe it isn't the right time for you to be in the market.  But that is OK.  There is always a right time to buy and sell, and the right house will inevitably come on the market for you.

My Team

I have a great support team to help keep my head on straight.  They provide me the support and peace of mind to deal with the up's and down's of  running your own business and staying successful.  As far as success goes, this is my measure.


Donovan Kelley


14 years of marriage and loving our Florida life together.  He "does IT" now and that makes him almost as happy as his family.

skylin and me

Skylin Kelley


10 years old and this great little guy has seen more property in Pinellas with his mommy than you ever will!

the friends


The Neighbors

When you live in a great neighborhood, you meet great people.  This picture was at my last birthday party in St Pete and these are just some of the most awesome people you could hope to become friends.

Let's Connect

I am highly selective of clients I work with to make sure we both have a mutual respect for our time.  Contact me and we can have a introductory conversation to get to know one another.